Earliest Memory

Do you ever think about your earliest memory?

Early School Years

Simon’s Mum decided that he was too much of a handful to keep at home…

The School Inspector

The school inspector was dreaded by both the teachers and pupils…

The Eye Operation

Simon’s schooling was interrupted. He was not keen on going but anything was better than going to the hospital to have an eye operation…

The Lone Ranger

In January and February of 1963 there was a very cold Winter…


The Winter of 1963 continued with a vengeance…


It was like a magic garden. Simon would go out through the tunnel of sheds, then come out to bright sunshine and the beautiful garden. There were a million and one things a little boy could do there. Looking down the lawn from the sheds; the big tree had a den in amongst its bows. […]

Snakes Alive

The sheds and the gardens were an adventure playground for Simon and his brothers. It was also a menagerie of wildlife. Birds, hedgehogs, foxes, and anything else that chose to live in the Somer valley appeared in that garden. One day Simon wandered into the garden and there was his brother Jeremy waving a snake […]

Go Kart

Between the lawn and the blackberry bushes on the right of the garden was a path. This path ran all the way from the sheds down past the sloping lawn and levelled out by the summer house near the bottom. It was a nice smooth, dipping path and ideal for Go Karts. Ron Lloyd had […]

Football Family

Simon’s Mum, Connie, was a keen sportswoman and had captained Somerset Ladies hockey team. She encouraged the boys in their sports. She joined in the games of football on the back lawn. Most of their kit was hand me down. She made herself and the boys football socks. The local team wore green, so she […]